What’s next, Schmuck?

Frank Schmuck Misleading

Click for article about Schmuck’s misleading ad’s. That found Schmuck had zero stars for truthfulness.



Schmuck Lies

Apparently Schmuck isn’t content with just lying about his own “support”. In a fit of self-funded desperation, Schmuck has sent out deceptive mailers about Jeff’s honorable military service. We’re here to set the record straight. So let’s review…

First Schmuck said…

“Jeff Dial doesn’t have an honorable discharge!”

The truth is…

Honorable Discharge Certificate Form DD 256A for Jeff Dial copy

Jeff Dial’s Honorable Discharge

Jeff published a copy of his DD256 (Honorable Discharge) document citing faithful service. Here is a scanned copy, with annotations.

Then Schmuck said…

“Well, but, that’s just a Photoshopped thing he got on the Internet!”

The truth is…

Jeff Dial DD256 Honorable Discharge

Jeff Dial’s Honorable Discharge

Here is a photo of the original DD256 in its frame.

And, on the reverse side of the frame, the official discharge letter issued by Colonel Debra Cook of the Individual Ready Reserve.

Jeff Dial's Honorable Discharge Orders

Jeff Dial’s Honorable Discharge Orders

Then Schmuck said…

“But, but, but, he doesn’t have a DD214!”

The truth is…

Here is a copy of Jeff’s DD214, documenting faithfully completed service.
Jeff Dial DD 214 Release from Active Duty - Basic & Advanced MOS Training

And then Schmuck said…

“Well, he still isn’t a veteran!”

The truth is…

On presentation of his military documents, Jeff received a driver’s license with “Veteran” designation. According to the State of Arizona, Jeff is a veteran. Here is a photo of the license.

Jeff Dial Drivers License

And then Schmuck said…

“Well, he still isn’t a veteran! Because…because… I only care about the sec. of US statute on veterans benefits.

The truth is…

Apparently Schmuck – who wants to be a lawmaker representing our district – doesn’t understand the concept of “scope” in law. The definition of “veteran” in a section entitled “veterans’ benefits” is clearly gonna be a definition of eligibility for, you know, benefits.  Clearly he’s not ready to be a lawmaker or as azcentral’s Fact Check has indicated, Schmuck likes to mislead the public. 

What lie will Schmuck say next?

Let’s save you a little time. The next lie will probably be about the days served (see above – the Army says the service is complete). And the lie after that will be about the character of service (“uncharacterized service” is the appropriate designation for completion of basic training).

And beyond that, well, we don’t know either. The things he’s come up with so far have been pretty wild. Who knows? Any unhinged statement could be next.

Bonus! Jeff’s academic record

We’ve heard that Schmuck is retooling his old lie from 2008 about Jeff’s university degree. So… here is a photo of Jeff’s ASU diploma in its frame. Go Devils!
Jeff Dial College Diploma

We know it’s hard, Schmuck…

Facing off against Jeff’s record of honest and faithful service to LD18 isn’t easy.

Facing off against Jeff’s impressive roster of endorsements isn’t easy.

We understand how someone who doesn’t have those things might be tempted to lie. Over and over again.

Honestly, we don’t expect more than that from a Schmuck.

But YOU should expect more from your State Senator.

YOU have an honorable choice. YOU can send Jeff Dial back to the Capitol to continue serving you honestly and faithfully.

Vote Jeff Dial this Tuesday, August 30.